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Road Trip Spring 2010

So it’s April 2010 and the In – Laws are visiting.

Not for a few days or even a couple of weeks, but for an entire month. Now, forgive me if this blog entry sounds remarkably like a complaint because … that’s kinda what it is. A months visit would test even the closest bosom buddies resolve, but that goes double for your spouses parents. Oh yeah & add to that the fact they do Not speak English, yep, you heard me – let the good time roll – Hoo Ah!

So we took a “vacation” to NYC … (vacation – Hah!)

Between forced trips to visit more family (who also don’t speak English … well, even those that do certainly prefer not to), then a trip to north NY to visit a cemetery where more family members are buried, coupled with the down time we all spent staring each other in the face (because retirees like to spend time at home ya know?), it’s a bit much for this American. Throw into that situation my new little 4 month old boy who *everybody* loves … which, makes sense, because he’s so darn lovable, but everyone feels the need to carry, handle, pick-up, hold, play with, yell at (these are older people who assume since they are hard of hearing the baby is too) … it’s just builds over time.

The wife not only finds all of this just plain peachy, but she treats it like the ultimate blast from the past, recalling how her family made her do things, took her places, constrained / convinced / demanded until she gave in – all in the name of love. Uck … In the Oriental custom of ‘constraint’ it’s customary for the person constraining to do so 7 times … this shows concern for the person being asked, a loving effort from the one constraining.
In America we call this being annoying and the result is often a punch in the grill. Imaging being subjected to this for a month … A MONTH!

Yeah, so that’s my pain.

There are however good sides to this (as there often always are). These people truly love us. They truly love our son. They really want to do their utmost to make sure we are happy and our needs our met. They want to repay us for every penny we spend on their behalf … so I have a lot to be thankful for … a lot. It’s just the manner in which they present that goodness. It’s just plain different.

So here I am sitting in the main room of the apartment we’re renting for the week in Queens, NY, (the last week of the month) typing away while the Chinese people chat about … hold on, let me focus … my Chinese is pretty bad … um, baby magazines and how the babies in the magazines aren’t as cute as our son, the iPhone, what’s on TV right now – yeah, that’s it.

So in retrospect, I really have a lot to be thankful for, but just reminding myself of that is the problem I’m facing … The – Entire – Month!


Great Blog. Definitely something to chew on …

I do think that pondering the future by examining the present, specifically the present devices of today, can be a bit misleading. Trends don’t always occur linearly. Sometimes when a trend seems to head in a logical linear direction get’s severely detoured by either another innovation or by pop culture itself.

In plain English … people *may* get tired of the whole touch screen technology trend suddenly and decide that flip phones are “cool” again. Once that happens, companies trying to grab a piece of their market share will cram loads of hi-tech into the small low-tech shell.

Example: 5-7 years ago it was trendy for college students and young people to “procure” illegal music files (Mp3’s). Bunches of P2P sites went up. When Apple decided to charge people 99¢ per music file download the naysayers laughed.
Kids were fine with d/l-ing paid music and Apple is a hero now!

The Point is people set trends, not hardware or even software. Track what “moves” people & it’ll be clear what the next “big thing” will be.

(My 2¢ …)

Time Runs Out

We’re 7 days away from the birth of our son-to-be … 7 days! Wow! Still praying, still believing for all to go well. One of my co-workers wife is due a day before my wife is, and we were supposed to talk today, but he’s at the hospital now. So we’ll wait and see.

We went to the OB/ Gyn yesterday and he mention inducing … totally caught me of guard. In fact, it didn’t really sink in until we were setting up our next appointment. I mean I asked some knee jerk questions while my brain swam in thoughts of … “wait, did he just say induce? Did she just agree to a date? no, no, this can’t be.” I remember saying something about Pitocin and the doctor replied by saying something about not inducing unless needing to and the placenta losing its ability to provide sustenance and then beyond 39 weeks the mortality rate rising to 1 in five hundred – something, blah, blah, natural man vomit words, blah, blah …

Long story short … this was a two doctor practice until last month when the other doctor (our primary doctor at the time) decided he no longer wanted to be an obstetrician … what the f*@# ???
Yeah so we switched to the other guy who loves his work (Yay!) but is known for being impatient … not mean, just hyperactive.

So now he’s the only doctor at this practice. Nobody but him. I’m really believing that he’s not trying to time manage us – especially when (in my opinion) labor needs to begin on it own!

So we’re at prayer point … I guess we’re always at Prayer Point (1 Thes 5:17, Acts 12:5, Romans 1:9 & 2 Tim 1:3) but especially now.

Looking forward to infinity … And Beyond!

Another, other day …

So there’s much to be thankful for. The announcement of our son will be soon – very soon (a few days from this posting). The little guy is punt kicking like Doug Flutie in his prime within the uterine confines he dwells now, causing the wife added discomfort. But we’re excited & blessed for his soon arrival.

Speaking of discomfort … as much possibility as I continue to expect in my business, I become painfully more aware each day just how necessary holding people accountable … let’s be honest … for “my vision” for this business is.
It’s simply life, (no emotion needed), but sometimes the path you go down, with the people you intended to go down that path with, at the speed you intended to set, seems improbable the longer you go.

I’m there now.

I continue to realize that not everyone wants to comply, which isn’t as bad as what they want to do.
I’m living in a different region now with a very different mindset than I’m used to, dealing with some people who are comfortable with a specific pace and mindset. The question I ask myself really isn’t can I pain through this long enough to obtain the goal – pain really is only temporary, especially when contrasted with The Hope and the vast success I still see daily in my life, but regarding this business, since I have specific goals in mind, it may be time to lose some people and replace them with movers & shakers.

Ramble, ramble … another slow morning at work.

I gotta get this business off the ground even if means hurting a few feelings.

The hits just keep on coming …

Whining & complaining used to be a thing I would disdain others for (mostly to myself), but it’s a sadly humbling place to be when one finds himself in exactly that state of crumpled pantiness …
(Yeah I made that word up just now).

I recently read that Pride (Male pride) is actually fear. Fear, not something that keeps the machine of life well oiled, if you catch my drift. I’m currently in a position in which I need to revamp a system I developed by about 50%. I’m a little discouraged (and if I were honest) a little afraid of change.

My business’ vision, while mostly blurred, needs to be restructured and I’m not just talking about firing some people and believing to replace them. I’m talking about refocusing on proven techniques and methods that will yield fruit, benefits for us & our potential clientele and … I forgot what the last thing was … oh yeah, it will yield happier team members and a happier business owner (me).

today sucks …

We grow up, meet people, live life, get burned, enjoy successes, make asinine mistakes & walk into decisions that seemed of GOD in every heavenly way at one point in life and then after an event of great f-edness, you look at those decisions and think … “why am I here?”

Today was one of those days.

Sometimes I think people’s identity comes from their past. I know better than that, but after a few successes I think, damn – I’m a pretty good guy. And then I remember that I’m not much different than anyone else. (I really don’t believe that – for one second. But I’m depressed now …) I know I’m different and not just for sociological and ethnic reasons, but for spiritual ones. I’m truly, actually destined for greatness, for eternal rewards, but today … today I feel like ass.

There’s just no other way to put it.
I’m thankful for a Heavenly Father that cares for & loves me no matter what.
I’m grateful for my life and all the blessings thus far. People (present company included) are often the major problem. ” … no good thing in the flesh …” is what Paul wrote.
it’s true … dammit, it’s true.

This is a job for GOD. I really feel like throwing in the towel …
make it stop. I’d like to get off here please …

iPhone 3GS …

OK … so I can’t hide it anymore … I’m officially an iPhone fanatic. Too many people have told me that I promote this device so much, that I should work for Apple.

But honestly … it does what I need it to do & it’s Looks good (in just about every way) doin’ what it do Baby!!!
So Apple announced the iPhone 3GS four days ago at WWDC. ‘S’ means Speed. So it’s about 2X as fast in computing / processing ability, it now comes in a 32 Gigabyte capacity model and it finally, yes, finally has video capturing and vid cutting / expanding capability right inside the phone. So that’s about it as far as upgrades are concerned. iPhone 3.0 software upgrade which kicks off in 7 days has more than a little bit of upgrades such as:

– TomTom Navigation (actually that’s an App)
– Compass (Magnometer type o’ thingy)
– Voice Commands
– Spotlight for nearly every program on the iPhone
– You can track the location of the iPhone anywhere on the planet via Mobile Me (if you lose it) & erase it remotely.
– Tethering … Yay!!!! Now when I go overseas and have no internet I can tether my iPhone to my laptop and vwa-lah! Internet accsess!
– Blue tooth
– Focus, (Auto & semi manual), White Balance, Macro & Micro lens functionality with the new camera + low light adaptor – actually this might just be 3GS phones

Yeah well there’s more, but you get the point.
The App store adds like 10K more Apps with things like using the iPhone to remote unlock your car … c’mon seriously? Oh yeah!

So Apple got a little smarter and after the fiasco and long lines of last year Apple made pre – ordering a 3GS online possible today. So instead of say, waiting outside in the
elements (as some people did … including some people writing this Blog column … Ahem ….) you can stay within the comfort of your humble abode and simply get your new
iPhone shipped & delivered right to your doorstep. Yup.

So what happens to those of us now holding a not so old, still very competitive working 3G? I already sold mine online & I intend to hand it off to the purchasor when I’m eligible for
an AT&T upgrade … which happens to be July 12, 2009. So today marks exactly one month until I’m eligible, but in the meantime I get to play with 3.0 which arrives in 7 days.

OK – so one clear drawback to all of this hype & dazzle is … I still can’t friggin’ see Adobe Flash on the iPhone … not even with FlashLite. So Apple needs a smack in the head for that lack,
but otherwise it’s still a sleek pioneer in a few ways.

Ah yes … the iPhone 3GS!

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3G Goodness or Madness?

Oh yeah!

So it’s 5 days until the July 11th date of the long awaited iPhone 3rd Generation sale and I’m excited.

I was debating as to whether or not to wait in line early on the morning of July 11th to try and get a “good spot” in line so I could buy the famous iPhone 3G. I am and have been an AT&T (previously Cingular) customer for a couple years now and and avid Mac user for more than a few years.

While altruist to most Apple gadgets (particularly those that enhance my career) I think I fell a little short in the dedication / enthusiasm category when compared to certain recent citizens of New York City who *Two Days Ago*, began lining up outside the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in NYC, NY.

For those who don’t realize (at the writing of this post we are 5 days away from the first iPhone 3G sale) people in NYC began lining up 2 days ago making it 7 DAYS prior to the first iPhone sale! 7 DAYS!!! People were already lining up!

Imagine if people got excited about doing something for GOD and they got off their couches and away from their lives to cheerfully “go” and “do” something worth while. Really, what would the result be?

What moves us nowadays? What are we going to regret when we look back years from now and think … was that the best way to allot my time? Maybe … probably not …

That said however, it’s looking like I won’t be the first person in line (not that I thought I would be) to get the famed iPhone, even if I get up at 5AM July 11th and drive the 12 or so blocks to the nearest location to buy the iPhone seems now that it wouldn’t be a huge shock to find a line that began the night before.

Goodness or madness … ? You decide.