First off … how can a blog that begins with poor grammar; a double negative even be worth your time? Good question – OK think about this … how many days go by where the thought crosses your mind that you could change do something to change reality for the better?

Had another rough day of thinking today. In other words work was going as it typically does and I was failing to renew my mind to improve my thoughts. When I got home from work I started thinking ‘again’ about finding a new job and what was wrong with where I’m employed now.

This was promoted by the fact that a co-worker of mine & co-assistant (same guy) resigned last week. Today was his last day.

My job (like most people’s) is very demanding. Due to the daily load we’re given, it is not a job for one person to do. It’s a job too great for two people to successfully consistently.

So here I am – July 17, 2013 at home thinking about the load of work that will inevitably come to my desk beginning tomorrow and continue to increase as the weeks go by. It’s frustrating.

Enter: the TEDx video I watched this afternoon with Scott Dinsmore talking about Living Your Legend and doing what you CAN’T NOT DO.

The message was riddled with overly liberal sub tones, but the sincerity (while no guarantee for truth – I know) was still nice to see. I mean Scott was downright electric talking about pursuing the work in life that you would like, want and even love to do by doing things like surrounding yourself with similar thinking people. At one point Scott says, [paraphrasing] the impossible is only impossible until someone does it. He cites Roger Bannister.  Prior to 1954 it was thought humanly impossible to run a 4-minute mile. (humanly impossible). May 6, 1954 after failing to receive an expected award at the 1952 olympics for the 1500 meter run, Bannister broke the record. A little over a month later – LOTS of people followed that and also ran faster than 4 min miles. Crazy right?!

It just takes one.

I think back to my own life experience. In 1997 while stationed in Hawaii I saw my OIC (Capt. Nelson) climb two ropes, hanging from a single tree limb, using only his arms. At first I literally thought it was because he was in peak performing shape. I also thought I’d never accmplish that. After some practrice (& EQUALLY important) confidence, I  too was climbing two ropes at t time using only my arms. When I transferred out of Public Affairs and back into artillery after our morning runs, because I knew I could.


I can do all things through HE who infuses me with inner strength – Philippians 4:13 (translation)

If you’re gonna work at something, why not love what you want to do OR at least pursue your LOVED WORK and all the strenuous effort will at least be applied in the right direction.

I often ask – what was I meant to do? Why exactly am I where I am? Sadly – I mean really … I already know the answer to that. I am honestly a little scared to take that 1st step in the direction I’m supposed to go. Moronic … I know.

I need a boost. A Godly boost. Which is why I’m glad I watched TEDx Talk with Scott Dinsmore today. NOW – I need to follow the direction laid out in Matthew 13 (Sower & Seed parable). What kind of heart do I have (do you have?)

Do we have a heart that is covered by thorns, made of stony soil, hard and narrow like the wayside (footpath) or ‘Good Soil’ – Matthew 13:8 – … good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold.