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iPhone 4 Online Whining …

(I posted this list in response to an article a foreigner [who had not actually seen the iPhone 4 yet] posted on after reading numerous reports online about it)

My Response:

Good article – i’ll assume you don’t have one in your hands yet. For the Android fanboys or iPhone Haters I’d like to clarify a few things IMHO (& from my perspective as an iPhone 4 user).
1. Reception drops, but calls don’t. I know there are at least 5 solid reasons for why they don’t cell tower strength & location being 2, but the biggest reason I even noticed is because Jobs made such a big deal about the engineering of this new antenna! Which is why I assume most others have noticed & complained. (way to go Steve.)

2. Uploading to YouTube: it’s nice to upload to YouTube via a phone, but as a multimedia designer, if I spend the time putting a video project together chances are I’m gonna enhance it on a real computer using real full feature edit-ware & not my cell phone.

3. Jobs said the glass was as hard as Safire and 30 x’s harder than plastic. Oh yeah! I think iFix it posted a drop test. It took 4 drops to even fracture the glass! If you drop your iPhone 4 times in row onto concrete you should either first ensure you’ve taken your epolepsy medicine that morning or simply buy yourself a Jitterbug phone!

4. Yeah color spots on the screen I haven’t seen yet. This display is so so very crisp and nice. Remember this is Apple we’re talking about and not HTC. If your iPhone appears flawed in any way that was not your fault Apple will either replace your iPhone or make it right – no questions asked. Does any other phone company do that?

5. Multitasking – Yes it’s not simultaneous multitasking … At least not for all their Apps, but it is for about 4 Apps so far and many are expected to catch up like Skype, so be patient.

6. Expandable data slot … If you need more than 32 Gb or keep data on multiple cards there are cloud Apps that work quite nicely & provide plenty of Free clouds Apps at that like: DropBox, iDisk ($) and AirSharing ($) to name a few.
AT&T’s data has gone from “C’mon Man!” to “WTF!”, but for those of us still on the unlimited data plan it’s still unlimited. But the necessary evil that AT&T is is the only option now.
* (I don’t understand the complaint about the Keyboard)…
iBooks – Not so buggy in my experience. It did lag a bit once or twice on my old 3GS, but on iPhone 4 it’s just Fantastic.

Play with the iPhone 4 yourself. The reports online will scare you away before you’ve had a chance to see for yourself.


Apple … My Drug of Choice.

So here we are again … I stated last year that I was an official iPhone fan (I used the word fanatic, which was probably a bit too dramatic).

I still promote this device in ways that should make me leave my job and move over to Apple Inc. But I’ve gotten to know the iPhone over the years. Ever since I first bought the iPhone 3G July 11, 2008 I’ve loved the GUI, the intuitive layout, the power of the Applications in the App Store, the free software updates, the fact that this thing puts my old PDA to shame in so many ways, the sheer star power of not only what holding & using one brings (sappy, I know) but knowing how to effectively use this device to my advantage both for my business and for the dorkiest, gadget junky, Geek reasons!

Which brings me to the newest edition to the iPhone dynasty … iPhone 4.

Steve Jobs announced, as he often does, at WWDC June 7 pretty much one thing – iPhone 4. He started talking about iPad updates but the Keynote was dominated by the new iPhone.

Everyone knew what it looked like despite Apple’s usual cloak of secrecy, all thanks to clumsy (or inattentive) Gray Powell. A name that will go down in the annuls of time as “the guy” who lost an iPhone prototype at a bar one night … sounds like the lead into a corny joke.

But after Gizmodo reportedly paid something like $5K to the finder of that prototype, (thanks Dan) they photographed it, played with it, took video of it and even took the thing totally apart. Fortunately for those of us who actually like the suspense of not knowing, and wondering what Apple will reveal each year at its developer conferences, the owner (Gray Powell???) bricked the iPhone before Gizmodo was able to view the software – iOS4.

So here we are. June 16, 2010.
9 days ago it was announced that iPhone 4 could be Pre – Ordered Tuesday June 15. It didn’t take me long to decide that I would not wait and in fact Pre – Order this new iPhone. So being the loser that I am, swiftly at the stroke of midnight I hopped on my laptop, punched in, navigated to the Store and … nothin’. Well, actually there was a yellow sticky note letting folks know that the Apple Store was down while making changes to and updating to the page.

It was a No Go at 2AM as well … ditto at 6:30AM, 7:30AM & 8:15AM

C’mon MAN!

Finally at 9AM it was up! Yay! So to make a long story short Apple’s servers were slammed all day. A few people Tweeted that they were able to place orders on the site, come people even bragged that they didn’t know there was a problem with ordering the iPhone 4 on the Apple site, while other simply gave up and either physically went to the Apple, Best Buy, or AT&T stores to pre-order the device.

While I did consider going to the AT&T website (which melted down for the exact same reasons the Apple site did anyway) I really couldn’t because I really wanted to use the $200 Apple gift card that’s been sitting on my cork board since March.

Finally at about 3:30PM after attempting to Pre – order at least 50 times, I get farther into the Apple Store Pre – Order section than I have all day. I’m typing feverishly fast, thinking that some poor sap who took a break from Pre – ordering is resting his fingers for a few seconds, dropping the bandwidth just enough for one more person to get a chance to reach the Apple Store’s IP … ME!!!

So I pre – ordered using my gift card & now I’m 8 days from the FedEx delivery of Ye Olde iPhone 4.

I read someplace online today that Apple sold 600,000 iPhone’s yesterday … 600,000!

Aside from all the hype I know what it’s missing, but now I know why, which still doesn’t make it any better. I’m talking about Flash. For me that’s the only disappointment.
Since adding the sort-of-multitasking I’m actually happy to see what developers put together to utilize all of its new features & who knows, HTML 5 might just ramp up enough to satisfy me OR Jobs might see the error of his ways and finally go for Flash on the device (highly unlikely).

Glad to see what’s in store … ah yes, iPhone 4!