So it’s April 2010 and the In – Laws are visiting.

Not for a few days or even a couple of weeks, but for an entire month. Now, forgive me if this blog entry sounds remarkably like a complaint because … that’s kinda what it is. A months visit would test even the closest bosom buddies resolve, but that goes double for your spouses parents. Oh yeah & add to that the fact they do Not speak English, yep, you heard me – let the good time roll – Hoo Ah!

So we took a “vacation” to NYC … (vacation – Hah!)

Between forced trips to visit more family (who also don’t speak English … well, even those that do certainly prefer not to), then a trip to north NY to visit a cemetery where more family members are buried, coupled with the down time we all spent staring each other in the face (because retirees like to spend time at home ya know?), it’s a bit much for this American. Throw into that situation my new little 4 month old boy who *everybody* loves … which, makes sense, because he’s so darn lovable, but everyone feels the need to carry, handle, pick-up, hold, play with, yell at (these are older people who assume since they are hard of hearing the baby is too) … it’s just builds over time.

The wife not only finds all of this just plain peachy, but she treats it like the ultimate blast from the past, recalling how her family made her do things, took her places, constrained / convinced / demanded until she gave in – all in the name of love. Uck … In the Oriental custom of ‘constraint’ it’s customary for the person constraining to do so 7 times … this shows concern for the person being asked, a loving effort from the one constraining.
In America we call this being annoying and the result is often a punch in the grill. Imaging being subjected to this for a month … A MONTH!

Yeah, so that’s my pain.

There are however good sides to this (as there often always are). These people truly love us. They truly love our son. They really want to do their utmost to make sure we are happy and our needs our met. They want to repay us for every penny we spend on their behalf … so I have a lot to be thankful for … a lot. It’s just the manner in which they present that goodness. It’s just plain different.

So here I am sitting in the main room of the apartment we’re renting for the week in Queens, NY, (the last week of the month) typing away while the Chinese people chat about … hold on, let me focus … my Chinese is pretty bad … um, baby magazines and how the babies in the magazines aren’t as cute as our son, the iPhone, what’s on TV right now – yeah, that’s it.

So in retrospect, I really have a lot to be thankful for, but just reminding myself of that is the problem I’m facing … The – Entire – Month!