Great Blog. Definitely something to chew on …

I do think that pondering the future by examining the present, specifically the present devices of today, can be a bit misleading. Trends don’t always occur linearly. Sometimes when a trend seems to head in a logical linear direction get’s severely detoured by either another innovation or by pop culture itself.

In plain English … people *may* get tired of the whole touch screen technology trend suddenly and decide that flip phones are “cool” again. Once that happens, companies trying to grab a piece of their market share will cram loads of hi-tech into the small low-tech shell.

Example: 5-7 years ago it was trendy for college students and young people to “procure” illegal music files (Mp3’s). Bunches of P2P sites went up. When Apple decided to charge people 99¢ per music file download the naysayers laughed.
Kids were fine with d/l-ing paid music and Apple is a hero now!

The Point is people set trends, not hardware or even software. Track what “moves” people & it’ll be clear what the next “big thing” will be.

(My 2¢ …)