We’re 7 days away from the birth of our son-to-be … 7 days! Wow! Still praying, still believing for all to go well. One of my co-workers wife is due a day before my wife is, and we were supposed to talk today, but he’s at the hospital now. So we’ll wait and see.

We went to the OB/ Gyn yesterday and he mention inducing … totally caught me of guard. In fact, it didn’t really sink in until we were setting up our next appointment. I mean I asked some knee jerk questions while my brain swam in thoughts of … “wait, did he just say induce? Did she just agree to a date? no, no, this can’t be.” I remember saying something about Pitocin and the doctor replied by saying something about not inducing unless needing to and the placenta losing its ability to provide sustenance and then beyond 39 weeks the mortality rate rising to 1 in five hundred – something, blah, blah, natural man vomit words, blah, blah …

Long story short … this was a two doctor practice until last month when the other doctor (our primary doctor at the time) decided he no longer wanted to be an obstetrician … what the f*@# ???
Yeah so we switched to the other guy who loves his work (Yay!) but is known for being impatient … not mean, just hyperactive.

So now he’s the only doctor at this practice. Nobody but him. I’m really believing that he’s not trying to time manage us – especially when (in my opinion) labor needs to begin on it own!

So we’re at prayer point … I guess we’re always at Prayer Point (1 Thes 5:17, Acts 12:5, Romans 1:9 & 2 Tim 1:3) but especially now.

Looking forward to infinity … And Beyond!