So there’s much to be thankful for. The announcement of our son will be soon – very soon (a few days from this posting). The little guy is punt kicking like Doug Flutie in his prime within the uterine confines he dwells now, causing the wife added discomfort. But we’re excited & blessed for his soon arrival.

Speaking of discomfort … as much possibility as I continue to expect in my business, I become painfully more aware each day just how necessary holding people accountable … let’s be honest … for “my vision” for this business is.
It’s simply life, (no emotion needed), but sometimes the path you go down, with the people you intended to go down that path with, at the speed you intended to set, seems improbable the longer you go.

I’m there now.

I continue to realize that not everyone wants to comply, which isn’t as bad as what they want to do.
I’m living in a different region now with a very different mindset than I’m used to, dealing with some people who are comfortable with a specific pace and mindset. The question I ask myself really isn’t can I pain through this long enough to obtain the goal – pain really is only temporary, especially when contrasted with The Hope and the vast success I still see daily in my life, but regarding this business, since I have specific goals in mind, it may be time to lose some people and replace them with movers & shakers.

Ramble, ramble … another slow morning at work.

I gotta get this business off the ground even if means hurting a few feelings.